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The images of our universe available on the net are very often just breathtaking. It teased me for a long time to make a move into this direction and create a reasonable 'cosmic something' on my own. It became some planet creation asset for Unity.

The package is just the typical Unity stuff (textures, materials, shaders and geometry). Yet, you'll be able to achieve visually realistic results with some nice little features like pinch-free poles or planet surfaces rendered with 6 x 4096 x 4096 textures. Its heart are the textures! Highres textures are available at 8k (16k available as a free extra download after purchase). Midres textures are available at 2k. Even if you prefer using your own planet rendering technology the textures are worth buying because they are also included as cylindrical projections.

Requires Unity 5. 64-bit recommended for high resolution textures.

Highres textures:
-26 cloud maps at 8k (16k archived)
-8 surface color maps at 8k (16k archived)
-8 surface bump maps at 8k (16k archived)
-Map set for earth at 8k (16k archived)

Midres textures:
-57 surface color maps at 2k
-57 surface bumps maps at 2k
-Textures also included as cylindrical projections being usable in other planet renderers. The textures are the heart of the package. So even if you don't need or don't like the shaders the textures might be still very useful in your space project.

Several hundred Unity materials to render planets.

Various solutions to render planets including pinch free poles and even planets mapped with six 4k textures. Render soft and smooth planet edges/rims with low (and high) resolution geometry!

For system requirements and more details read the documentation. This is strongly recommended especially if you want to work with highres textures.

Purchasers will get access to full 12GB .unitypackage and 16k textures.